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Powerhouse Assembly Video Preview from Scott Chevalier on Vimeo.



This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education

Posted by David Wolfe on Saturday, May 30, 2015



Invite the Powerhouse team to come to your local school or host a web simulcast.  Contact us today.

The Powerhouse Youth Project brings a relevant, truthful message to middle school and high school students.
The Powerhouse elementary assembly program is an exciting learning experience for students.  It is compared to many television stage sets.  Sponsored by Lochinvar.
Hulk-Hogan and Gnash prepare for a "Face off" during the SPELL CHECK assembly.  Sponsored by Lochinvar.
Powerhouse understands that everyone can use help from time to time and we want to make sure you have the resources to get help when it is needed.  We have attempted to list some resources for you to contact that we feel confident can give you the help and direction you are searching for.  The important thing is, if you, or a friend, need help with a problem, DO NOT HOLD ON TO IT....get some help. 
You will find that, no matter what the problem, there is someone there to help you find a solution...Reach out today and find hope for tomorrow.
National Drug Abuse Hotline   (800)662-4357
CDC/AIDS information             (800)342-2437
National Runaway Hotline       (800)621-4000
Youth Crisis Hotline                (800)448-4663
Child Abuse                             (800)843-5678
Suicide Help                            (800)784-2433
Need to Talk                            (800)273-8255
Teen Hopeline               
*If you do not find the assistance you need email us at .
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