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Powerhouse Youth Project Summary
The Powerhouse Youth Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization that began in 1993 and exists to serve the student population between the ages of 11 and 18.  We believe in the Power of Choice and we believe in meeting the NEEDS of students.  Powerhouse is leading the way with creative communication strategies to deliver a message of Change and Hope to the total student population.   We believe this is critical in sustaining a student's journey toward health and wholeness. 
At a time when many people feel overwhelmed by the problem and challenges facing children and youth, communities across North America are discovering new energy in working together toward a positive vision for young people.
Instead of focusing only on reducing risks and intervening in problems, these communities are rallying to rebuild the foundation that all young people need-a foundation that has crumbled for far too many young people in our society.  Powerhouse focuses on the "needs" of the students.
Join with us as we launch the HIGH TECH/HIGH TOUCH model in the United States.  Assemblies are no longer limited to one location and the message carries on beyond the assembly.  Geography no longer hinders our efforts and technology connects us all. Host a LIVE assembly or ask us how to be a part of a simulcast assembly.  We will expose your students to HOPE and a mechanism that goes home with them.  No coloring pages, out of date handouts, or non-relevant tools.  We commit to meet your studnets with real life and expose them to LIFE CHANGING opportunities.
The assembly program has been designed with insights gained through target audience research, behavioral science, and the studies provided by the ONDCP. (Office of National Drug Control Policy). The assembly message is honest, relevant, original, and impacting.  We have also learned through experience that an assembly program on its own merit is not enough to create the meaningful change that we all want to see in our young people.  Therefore, we have created a follow up system utilizing some of the most creative, relevant techniques to continue our conversation with the students even after the assembly ends.  It is this process that creates a long term solution for each student we encounter.

Currently Powerhouse partners with the following organizations:
  • National Guard
  • Youth Alive and Free
  • DARE
  • Jason Foundation
  • NOAHS Promise
  • Youth Life Learning Centers
  • Exchange Clubs
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