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"On behalf of Hendersonville High School I would like
to thank you and the members of the Powerhouse team
for the assembly program you presented at our school.  Your
message was powerful and I am continuing to hear comments
from faculty and students."    
 Hendersonville Tennessee
Powerhouse delivers a wonderful message in a format that students appreciate.  We are fortunate that KDMS is a regular stop for this program.  We highly recommend Powerhouse visiting your school.
Mike Brown, principal
Knox Doss Middle School
"I would like to say thank you.  I'm not on drugs or alcohol, but I was going to take my own life when I got home from school today.  Then during the assembly, I saw it would not be better for everyone without me.  I realized my life was just in a small phase I could get I am home smiling."
Laraye, Middle School student
"My name is Kari and I am a student at Beech High School.  I wanted to say that what you said today was awesome.  We have been told many times to not use drugs, but the way you presented it, really put it into perspective.  What you said was inspiring and makes you think."
Kari, Sophomore
Beech High School
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  • What would happen in the United States if every Middle School student found direction for their future? 
  • What if they had a platform of support that was available to them 24 hours a day? 
  • What if HOPE replaced dispair and they became aware of their potential?
  • What if there was a strategy that had no fee to the student and no limits on their location?
  • What if you could be a part of the solution and see our country change?

The Powerhouse Youth Project has been impacting schools for more than 10 years with powerful assemblies that challenge students to take control of their choices.  We have listened to the students and CEO's of this country and we are stepping forward with the first HIGH TECH/HIGH TOUCH platform to impact Middle School students across the United States. 

The answer to the questions above is very simple, CHANGE.  We are purposing a CHANGE in the culture for our students across the nation because we believe in their dreams and passion for life.  It is time to stop shaking our heads and giving into failing systems and meet students where they are and impact them with concepts that matter.  This real life story may give you a more clear image of what we believe.

I recently had a meeting with a principal at a local high school to discuss our strategy and he shared this story:  One day while working in the office he overheard a guidance counselor working with a student on his post high school plans...the student communicated that he wanted to work with his dad to learn the business and possibly take a few community college business classes.  The principal was shocked when he heard the counselor disagree with the students plan.  The counselor told him he needed to get a college degree and then find a successful path.  After the student left the meeting, the principal asked the guidance counselor why they had given that direction.  He asked them if they knew who the child's father was...she said no.  He then told her that his father was one of the most successful contractors in the region building homes for thousands of folks and had accomplished it all without a college degree.  He asked if the counselor thought a college professor would be able to give this student a better example in business and life.  The outcome was simple, that guidance counselor had to look for a new job.

That problem exists all over this country in every community.  We have bought into a flawed process of thought that introduces a pathway for students without knowing the student comletely.  Please understand our vision, WE ARE NOT AGAINST HIGHER EDUCATION.  We just believe there are many paths to fulfill the dreams and passions burning in the hearts of students.

It is time for a new process of thought that engages students at their passion and assist them with all the possibilities.  Technology is opening up new opportunities for us to share that platform to every student and we are working to launch a virtual platform that will eradicate hopelessness and inject HOPE and an achievable process for every student in the United States.  That is our vision.

The Powerhouse Youth Project exists to serve the student population between the ages of 11 and 18.  We believe in the Power of Choice and we believe in meeting the NEEDS of students.  Powerhouse is leading the way with creative communication strategies to deliver a message of Change and Hope to the total student population.  Powerhouse is now developing a strategic plan to work with other civic and faith-based organizations as we create intentional opportunities for relationships.  We believe this is critical in sustaining a student's journey toward health and wholeness. 
If you would like to receive more information about the Powerhouse Youth Project, contact us today at  615-479-6294 .  You can also email our executive director at

Powerhouse Assembly Video Preview from Scott Chevalier on Vimeo.

The video presentation is 20 minutes long and includes current movies, student interviews, and music from current artists. This engaging video has a surprise ending for the students and works well for motivational speaker Scott Chevalier to share the truth about Choices.
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