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Powerhouse Mentors 

Thank you for making a difference in a student's life by being willing to be a mentor.  Your first step is registration.  Click the button below. 






 After we receive your application, we will email you next steps which will include instructions for a level 2 background check and brief training.

The ABC’s of mentoring are…

Be There  (availability)

We ask that mentors check in with your student a minimum of once a week.  This can be a text, call, email or meeting in person.  We ask that mentors help reinforce the Powerhouse Teaching Points students received in the Pathway to Purpose program.  Listed below:


Powerhouse believes:
1. Every student has a passion and a purpose.
2. Everyone needs someone in their life to help them achieve their purpose.
3. "Every choice will cost you something!"


Powerhouse teaches the following basic 3 elements as the journey toward success and significance.

Passion – Every person is born with a unique drive that fuels their daily activity and choices.
Purpose- Every person has a distinct function in life that fits their personality and temperament.
Profit- Following their discovered passion and purpose will ultimately deliver a fulfilled career path.


Powerhouse student goals:
Successfully complete high school.
Identify personality type and individual mission statement.
Identify up to 3 potential after-graduation career paths.
Develop an attainable after-graduation plan to reach personal goals.
Establish a mentor relationship.



Donate Now Button

Your donations are tax deductible. Thank you for investing in the lives of students by supporting Powerhouse, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.














Click to stay connected to vision of Powerhouse- impacting children and youth:







You may donate financially in any

of the following ways:
1. Click the big red button and donate online.
2. Text to give at: 888-929-4680
3. From your Cash App at $Powerhouseyp
4.  Mail donation to Powerhouse Youth Project,

614 E Hwy 50 #391, Clermont, FL 34711.

Other ways to support Powerhouse include:
- 'In-kind' donations of items or services.
- Corporate Sponsorships.
- Business Donations.
- Donation of vehicles: Cars, RVs, Boats.
- Donation of Real Estate.
- Donation of stocks/bonds
- Donation of Cryptocurrency.


Scott Chevalier, Executive Director
501(c)3 non-profit organization
614 E. Hwy 50 #391
Clermont, FL 34711
‪352 432-8083

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