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Powerhouse will equip each student with the tools necessary to identify their personal strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to overcome obstacles to their goals. This process includes: 

DiSC® Career Profile

Making a career choice is a major decision in a young person's life.  In the current economy, students in school today will experience 9-13 different job changes in the course of their lifetime.  Some of those jobs have not been created yet.  Many career resources focus on abilities, interests and talents.  However, we believe another important factor that needs to be considered is the individual's personality needs.  We believe the inidividual personality style plays a crititcal role in make a career choice... one that is fulfilling.

Powerhouse will administier the DISC inventory to all students encouraging them to:

   - Recognize the challenges and demands of the current job climate.

   - Match their personality styles with specific occupations

   - Engage in the mentor match strategy throughthe Powerhouse App.

   - Explore mentors who have or are currently in teh chosen career path.

The DiSC® career profile is an assessment of the four main behavioral styles outlined in the DiSC model of personalities. Each participating student will begin with a DiSC profile which will springboard them into the Quantum Leap experience.


Quantum Leap:

Quantum Leap is an interactive learning experience, designed for ages 14-18, which helps participants accelerate their success through proven models and tools that they can implement right away.

 Students will learn: 
       -Who they are and what they want their life to be about.
       -How to structure their life to support this vision.
       -What key relationships will be needed to support them along the way
       -How to fund their mission so they can make the greatest impact.

The completion of the Quantum Leap experience ushers students into a Mentorship with a quantified adult who has life experience in the field of interest or similar vision as that of the student.  Mentorships are designed to continue the duration of the school year and may take place in person or digitally. 


Resume Writing/ Job Interview Practice
Career Source Partners provide our students training in areas such as How to Write a Resume and Practing the Job Interview Process. 


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Scott Chevalier, Executive Director
501(c)3 non-profit organization
614 E. Hwy 50 #391
Clermont, FL 34711
‪352 432-8083

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